Our dogs eat the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet for canines.  We prepare our own raw foods, as well as purchasing from great raw food companies such as  www.greentripe.com and www.feedthis.com .  Purchasing directly from FeedThis is a great way to feed any dog (or cat), and we set our pups up with deliveries from this superb company, when they go home.

In addition to delicious and nutritious meals such as in the pictures below, our Africali Rhodesian Ridgebacks enjoy daily eggs (they love to carry them off, crack the shell and lick up the egg inside).  Also, we prepare most of our family meals at home and they enjoy the healthy leftovers!

It is our hope that optimum nutrition will help insure health and happiness for our dogs, and for future generations.  We raise our dogs according to Natural Rearing edicts, find out more here:  natural rearing

Early Neurological Stimulation  is a program we employ for our puppies, beginning at 3 days of age.  It makes a world of difference for dogs, and it is lovingly applied to our pups.  Our pups are born in our master bedroom, and raised in our home with our children and adult RRs.  We do not remove dewclaws, as we have found them to be integral to the health of the forelimbs and of use to the dog.   

It is very important to us that our pups continue with a balanced fresh, raw, natural diet...and also for our pups to avoid unnecessary vaccinations and chemicals, for their lifetimes.

For valuable information on nutrition for people, especially children and those planning to have children, visit www.westonprice.org

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